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Increase in internet fraud

Mainly due to Nigerian and UK chain letters being distributed thru Internet

09/14/2007 -- During the past few weeks there has been an increase in activity thru the internet about scams in Haralson County. Be advised if someone contacts you thru the Mail, Telephone or internet and tells you that you will be paid a large sum of money for either cashing a check, shipping items for them, etc BEWARE!!!, you can be held liable for some of these actions, and may have to pay the money back to the bank, Most of theses crimes are being committed in the Canada or Nigeria and the United States does not have any Jurisdiction in that country, the FBI has formed a task force to deal with some of the occurrences in the U.S. but as you know the wheels of justice do turn very slow. If you receive emails that want you to send money, cash checks, ship items to foreign countries DON'T, the rule of thumb is " IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS"

For More Information Contact:

Lt. Robert Thomson

Internet Fraud, Counterfeiting, Investigations at: bthomson@sheriffhcga.com

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